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Hillary ofthe Puritans, e. amin'd. is 7 pleafeth. And, in affirmance of the Archbifhop's Right, that a&ually both Univerfities had been vi- fited by three of his Predeceffors lure Metropolitico, and not by any Legantine Power. And Mr. Collier obferves upon it, ' That this Decifion fortified the Archbifhop's CharaEter, and made him more re- ' garded in both Univerfities ; even in Cambridge, where his Authority was lefs, his Meafures for Conformity were better purfued.' Neal, ibid. As Chancellor of Oxford, his Grace caufed a new Body of Statutes to be drawn up for that Univerfity, with a Preface ; in which are famefevere Reflellions on good King Edward, and his Govern- ment. It fays, That the Difcipline of the Univerfity was difcompofed and troubled by the King's Injunctions, and the flattering Novelty of the Age. It then com- mends the Reign ofhis Sifter, the bloody Queen Mary, and fays, That the Difcipline of the Church revived, andflourUhedagain in her Days-under Cardinal Poole, when, by a much defired Felicity, an inbred Candour fupplied the Defelt` of the Statutes. Was this fpoken like a Prateftant Prelate, whole Predeceffors in the See of London and Canterbury were burnt at Ox- ford, by Queen Mary, in a molt barbarous manner ! or rather like one who was aiming at the Return of thofe happy Times. In Mr. Frankland's Annals of King Charles I. a very good Anfwer is to be met with to Mr. Neal's Objections : * In thekite Colle6tions of Mr. Rufh- worth, (fays he) p. 324. there is a great and foul Miftake, indeed a notable Falfhood, about the Preface before the Statutes for the Univerfity ' of Oxford, as if the Author of the faid Preface had vilified the Times of King Edward VI. and mightily commended thofe ofQueen Mary. And great ufe is made of the fame Preface, by the Author of Patronus Boner Fidel, againf3 Bifhop P. 472. 2 Laud,