Grey - BX9329 G7 1736

158 Mr. NE'A`L'SIIIVol.oft,e Laud, whom he fuppofes tobe the Writer of the faici Preface, thence to prove him to be a Fa- vourer of Popery, and a Hater of the Reformed Religion. Now the truth is, that the Writer of that Preface was Dr. Peter Turner, of Merton Col- lege, a Donor of Civil Law. There he gives an Account of the Univerfity Statutes ; that before this late Book of Statutes then fet out by the Au- thority of Archbifhop Laud, Chancellor of Ox- ford, the Students hardly knew what Statutes they were to be governed by ; that the Univer- fity had lain many Years under the Inconveniency of that Uncertainty ; therefore it had been often C attempted to reform that Abufe in feveral Kings Reigns : Under Henry VIII. and Edward VI. in whole Time there was a Defign to have both Univerfities governed by the fame Statutes; which was very pleafing and acceptable, becaufe of the Newnefs of the ProjeEl ; but the Kingdied before it took place, and the Dfign died with him. Then in Queen Mary's Time the fame Work of reforming and compiling a Body of Statutes for the Univerfity was again taken in hand, by the DireEtion ofCardinal Poole, but to as little pur- pofe. And this is all the Preface fays of thofe Tranfac`.tions in King Edward VI. and Queen " Mary's Reigns. After which it adds, That not- ' withftanding the faid Inconvenience of uncertain Statutes, the Univerfity did flourifh, and abound in Men of Learning and good Studies, the inbred Candour of the Students fupplying the. Defe& of thefe uncertain Statutes. Which the Colletlor takes as faid only of Queen Mary's Times; whereas it appears, that it relates to all former Times, as well as bers, during which, the faid Uncertainty lafted, and put the Univerfity to an Inconvenience.' A further Defence is to be met with