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62 Mr. N E A. L'S II3 V x OI. Of the = off, i "lac. 25. it is pleaded that the firft Sta- tute is revived, and Rill in force. This made = great noife in Parliament 4 fac. I. to which = there Anfwers were given by the molt learned in the Law at that time. ifé, =That the frid Aa was repealed by three = feveral Alts of Parliament ; and fo, tho' one or = two of the laid Acts of Repeal be nulled, yet if = the other (tand good, the Law is in no force. = 2dly, That the A& i Eliz. t. revives the Sta- ' tute 25 Henry VIII. 20. which is contrary .to ' z Edward VI. 2. both as to the Manner of Dec- ' tion of Bifhops, and their a&ing in their own = Names ; and therefore fince that A6t is in force, the other cannot be. idly, The 1aR and weaken Objection is from the High-Commiffion being = taken away, and all Ecclefialtical Jurifdiaion = being founded therein ; which is fo far from be- ' ing true, that t Eliz. 2. there is an exprefs Claufe for eltablifhing the Power of Archbifhops, = Bifhops, and Archdeacons in their Vifitations. By which we fee what Malice and Ignorance pre- ` among thofe who difperfe Books to create Difcontentr among the People, when they pats = over fo plain and evident a Juftification, in point of Law, of our Proceedings in there Vifitations. And by the Statute 5 Eliz. 23. the judicial Pro- = ceedinas in Ecclefiafical Courts, are ratified in fuch Crimes and Offences as belong to their Ju- c rifdiaion and Determination, and refl-ored, by r 3 Car. II.. cap. 12, From all which it ap- pears, that we have no reafon to fcrupie the Le- 6 gality of our .Adtings, though without an exprefs 6 Cornmiffion from the King for that purpofe ' To which we may add what the Right Reve- rend, and admirably Learned, the LordBifhop of co , ; æ . It . p, 7 London,