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. iTory of the Puritans) examiifd. z 6 z clefiaffical JurifdiEfion. By Stat. 24 Henry VIII 12. all Appeals to Rome are cut off, and the fu- premePower declared to be in the King : and it is there enaéfed, That all Ecclefiaffical Caufes shall be heard and determined within the King's Juriff- diEìaon and Authority, and not elfewhere, in fuch Court fpiritual and temporal, as theNature, Con. ' ditions, and Q alities of the Cafes fhall require and Appeals fhall be from the Archdeacon to the Bifhop, &c. where we fee the Ecclefiaffical Jurif- diEtion fettled at the fame time, that Appeals to Rome were cut off; and it was then thought un- necelftry, that Commiffions fhould be taken out in the King's Name. In the Statute of Submif- ' fion of the Clergy, 25 H. VIII. 19. the Proceed ' ings of the Ecclefiaffical Courts are ffill allowed, and the final Appeal declared to be to the King's Majefiy, in the King's Court in Chancery ; which was thought fit to manifeft, from whom the Jurif- ' diction was derived. In the AEI: 37 HenryVIII c. 17. it is declared, That Archbifhops, Bifhops, and Archdeacons, have no manner ofJurifdiEfion; but by, under, and from the King's Majeffy; but no mention of aEfing by Commiffions in the King's Name. And it is acknowledged by Sta- ' tute i Edward VI. 2. That in all Henry VIII's Time, the Procefs was made by the Bithops, &c. in their own Names, which would never have been endured by fo jealous a Prince as Henry VIII. ifhe had thought that this had been any Derogation to his Supremacy. But as long as the Authority of the See of Rome was denied, ' and the King's Supremacy acknowledged, the ' other was not look'd on as a thing neceífary to be done. 2. It is true, that 1 Edward VI. 2. a Statute was made, that the Comtnifí`ions fhould ' be in the King's Name ; which Statute was re- ' pealed, 1 Mary 2, which Repeal being taken off,