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164 Mr. NE AL'S Ha Vol. of the London, he was fworn Clerk of His Majefty's ' Clofct. In the Year 1 633, he was elected Bithop of Hereford, in the place of Dr. Francis Godwin deceafed, was about that time made Dean of the King's Chappel ; and on the Tranflation of Dr. Laud to the See of Canterbury, which was on the i gth of September, the fame Year, he was tranf- lated to London: The Office of Lord Treafurer conferr'd upon him, Sunday 6th of March, 1635? From whence it is plain, that he had been known at Court above two Tears ; and how deferving he was of this High Promotion, and how well qua- lified for it , we have Variety of Authorities to prove. * Mr. Whitlock, not the greateft Friend to Epifcopacy, fpeaks of him in the following man- ner : ' Yuxon was a Perfon ofgreat Parts and Tem- per, and had much command of himfelf, &c.' And again ; }- ' He was full of Ingenuity and Meeknefs, and not apt to give offence to any, but willing to do good to all.' Mr. Echard's Character of him, from Sir Philip Warwick, and others, as follows: This Prelate was of an excellent Temper, of a meek Spirit, and folid Judgment; and having addifted his firft Studies to the Civil Law, in which he commen- ced Doctor, this fitted him the more for Secular and State Affairs. Tho' he found the Revenue low, and much anticipated, yet meeting good Times, and the King inclined to Frugality, he happily ' fupported the Dignity of his Majefty's Houf ' hold, the Splendour of the Court, and all pub- ' lick Expences, with Juftice in all Contracts, fo as to have as few Complaints in his Time, as perhaps in any ; and yet he clear'd off all Anti- 6 cipations on the Revenue, and fet his Matter be- 4* Whitlock's Memorial, p. 13. I Ibid. p. 94, 9f, 96. I-liftory of England, Vol. II. p. 118. fore-