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Mary ofthe Puritans, examin'd. r 65 fore-hand. His Proceedings were always with Calmnefs and CircumfpeEtion , and the King highly valued his Advice in all Emergencies ; declaring to a Friend of his, that he never got his Opinion freely in his Life ; but when he had it, he was the better for ir. His mild Behaviour. and Prudence wrought fo effectually upon all Men, that tho' he bore the two moll: invidious Charadters, one of a Bithop, the other of a Lord Treafurer, yet neither drew Envy upon his Per- . fon ; the Humour of the Times tended to brand all great Men in Employment : fo that the Lord Falkland afterward, in a fevere Speech againft Bifhops in Parliament, could not but give him ' this Teftimony, That in an unexpe ted Place and ' Power, he expreled an equal Moderation and Hu- ' mility, being neither ambitious before, nor proud K after, either of the Crofier, or White-Staff: It was ' by means of this admirable Temper and Con- ' du&, that he weather'd the molt dreadful Storm that ever the Nation felt, and at laft rode tri- umphantly in the Harbour : and all without any ' Shipwreck of his Honour, or his Principles. Sure, ' there was never a more fortunate Pilot, and ne- ver a more honett Man.' For a further Charac- ter of him, I refer the Reader to the Authorities cited in the Margin *. Neal, ibid. Lord Clarendon fays, there was not one Churchman in any degree of Favour [at Court) of a fcandalous Infufficiency in Learning, or a more fcandalous Condition of Life; but on the contrary, mofl of them ofeminent Parts and Knowledge, and of virtuous and unblemifh'd Lives. Sir Philip Warwick's Memoirs, p. 94. Fuller's Church- Hiftory, Book XI. p. 3o. Weed's Athen, ift Edit. Part II. p. 66z, 663. Reliq. Baxterian. p. 433. qu. 133. Welwood's Memoirs, p. 70, M3 And