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8 Mr. N E A L'S JJd Vol. of the Their Clergy were fo infolent to the King, that I cannot perceivehow they could be his Favourites. One of them named Welch, railed at the King in one of his Sermons, faying ; * ' That he was ' poffeffed with a Devil ; and one Devil being put ' out, feven worfe were put into place ; and that the Subjeas might lawfully rife, and take the ' Sword out of his Hand ; which he confirmed by the Example of a Father, that falling in a Phrenfy, might be taken by the Children and Servants of the Family, and tied Hand and Foot ' from doing Violence.' And t how well they ufed the Scotch Bithops, whom they would have made fubje& to their Pref. byteries, let fllexander Petriebe Witnefs, to whom I refer the Readers. But notwithftanding thefe Authorities fully con- vince me, that the King was always a Favourer of Epifcopacy ; yet it is very proper, that Mr. Neal's Authorities, in fupport of his contrary Affertion, should be produced, which are as follow. CHAP. I. NE AL's Hifloryof the Puritans, Vol. II. p. 2. King James's Behaviour in Scotland, raifed the Expectations and Hopes of all Parties: The Puri- tans relied upon his MajeJty's Education, upon his fubfc--ibing the Solemn Leagueand Covenant, and upon his Publick Declaration in the general 4/fembly at Edinburgh 159o. when flanding with his Bonnet of, and his Hands lifted up to Heaven: [Calder- * Sp®tfwood's Hi(ory, p. 332, 333. -- Fettle's Compendious Hißory, p. 433. wood's