Grey - BX9329 G7 1736

Hif1ory of the Puritans, examin'd. 9 wood's Hillary of Scotland, p. 256.] He praifed God, that he was born in the Time of the Light ofthe Gofpel, and in fuch a Place, to be King of fuch a Church, thefincereft, the [pureft] Kirk in the World. The Church of Geneva, (fays he) keep Pafch and Tule [Eafter and Chriftmas] what have they for them t They have no Inftitution. As for our Neigh- bour Kirk ofEngland ; their Service is an evilPaid Mafs in Englifh ; they want nothing of the Mafs but the Liftings. I charge you my good Miners, Doc- tors, Elders, Nobles, &c. to Rand to your Purity, and to exhort the People to do the fame. And I for- footh, as long as I brook my Life, 'hall maintain the fame. Whether King James, or the Author, or Au- thors of the * Abftraft ofCalderwood's Hiftory, is molt to be credited, the candid Reader muff be left to judge from King James's own Words, upon other occafions. ' Take t heed (fays he) there- ' fore my Son of fuch Puritans, very Pelts in the Church and Commonwealth, whom no Deferts can oblige, nor Oaths or Promifes bind, breath- ing nothing but Sedition and Calumnies, afpiring ' without Meafure, railing without Reafon, and making their own Imaginations, (without any Warrant of the Word) the Square of their Con- ' fciences. I proteft before the great God, and ' fince I am here upon my Teftament, it is no ' Place for me to lye in, ye !hall never find with any Highlandor Border Thieves, greater logra- ' titude,and more Lyes and vile Perjuries, than with ' thefe Fanatick Spirits, and fuffer not the Princi- Calderr.cod (fays Bifhop Nicholfin, Scotch fliflorical Libra- ry, p. 197.) wrote a Church-Hittory of Scutland, ofwhichon'p an Abitraa is publiíhed, Edinburgh 1678. Tile Author's entire Work is in fix fair Vols. Folio, in the Library at Glafgor'. t BaiT,sxoy Aoopjv, ad Part. King j ames's works, Folio, p. 160. pals