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I 70 Mr. N E AL 'S IIa Vol. of the and would in due time. Maintenance he never had any from me, nor did. I then know him to be a Prieft ; nor was there any Proof fo much as offer'd in, contrary to this. Secondly, They did 6 except againft a Paffage in the Licenfing, and another at the endof the Book. The Book was printed at Lyons, where I could not hinder the printing, either the Whole, or ofany Part. This might have been fomething, had I licenfed it here, but that I conftantly denied.' Neal, p. 302. Mr. Adams, in a Sermon preach'd at St. Mary's in Cambridge, afferted the Expediency of Auricular Confefon, faying, it was as neceffary to Salvation, as Meat is to the Body. The Words in Collier, * ' That Confefion is no lefs neceffary to Salvation, than the Sacrament of Baptifm.' In -j- Pryn, his Author ; ' As ne- ceffary to Salvation, as the Miniftry ofBaptifm ; as neceffary to Salvation, as Meat is to, the Body.' Neal, p. 305. The Papifts had a common Purfe, with which they purchafed feveral Monopolies, and bellowed the Profits upon their belt Friends ; feveral military Men were put into Common, and great Numbers were lifted into his Majefty's Armies againft the Scots. The Authority placed againft this, is Collier, p. 781. Not one Syllable of what he here mentions, is to be met with in the Place referr'd to : Nor do I beli,°ve, that he can produce the leaft Authority for his Affertion, That great Numbers of Papilts were lifted into his Majeji 's Armies againft the Scots. But we have inconteftable Proof of Papifts in the Army of his darling and beloved Parliament after- ward. King Charles, in his Declaration, O`tober z3, 1642. has the following Words : ' All Men * Collier, p. 772. ; Canterbury's Doom, p. rgz. H i,írrg Cbarlos9s Works; p. 3 z 3,. ' know