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Hj?ory ofthe Puritans, examin'd. 169 ' there will come a Dray, in which the moft alive Papas will be found under the Puritan Mask ; ' and in which it will appear, that the Conventicle was the yefuits fafeft Kennel.' Neal, Ibid. Francifcus de Sanaa Clara, an emi- nent Francifan Fryar, publ'd a Book, wherein he endeavour'd to accommodate the Articles of the Church of England, to the Senfe of the Church of Rome ; fo that both Parties might fubfcribe them. The Book was dedicated to the King, and the Fryar admitted to an Acquaintance with the Archbifhop. Then follow'd (fays * the Archbithop) the Charge of Sanaa Clara's Book, alias Monfieur Saint Gyles, fo they expreffed it, and I muff fol- ' low the way they lead me. Firfl then, they charge, that I had often Conference with him, while he was writing his Book, entitled, Deus, 6 Natura, &Gratia. No, he never came to me, till he was ready to print the Book. Then forne Friends of his brought him to me his Suit then e was, that he might print that Book here : Upon e Speech with him, I found the fcope of his Book to be fuch, that the Church of England would have little caufe to thank him for it; and fo ab- folutely denied it. Nor did he ever come more to me after this, but twice or thrice at moft, when 4 he made great Friends to me, that he might e print another Book, to prove that Bithops are by Divine Right. My Anfwer then was, that I ' did not like the way, which the Church of Rome went in the Cafe of Epifcopacy. And howfo- ' ever, I would never give way, that ever any fuch Book fhould be printed here from the Pen of a Romani ; and that the Bithops of England were able to defend their own Caufe and Calling, without calling in aid from the Church of Rome, Trial and Troubles, p. 385. and