Grey - BX9329 G7 1736

17 2 Mr. N E A LAS IId Vol. of the P. 3 t z. That to make his Lordfhip's Account of the Times, confzflent with the Truth, or with his own Behaviour at the beginningof the Long Parliament, one is almolt tempted to fufped, it mull have receiv'dfame Amendments, or Colourings from the Hands of Edi- tors. How unhappy is it for Mr. Neal, that his Se- cond Volume of the Hiftory of the Puritans was publifh'd fo foon 1 Had he ftaid a little longer, he would have found reafon to have alter'd his Opi- nion of the Editors of Lord Clarendon's Hiftory. For by the Difcovery of the Original Manufcript, that Point is fully clear'd up ; the falfe, fcanda- lous, and malicious Refle6tions of Mr. Oldmixon confuted ; and Mr. Neal's unkind Infinuations might have been prevented. Neal, p. 312. We have mentioned the prepofterous publifhing the Scots Book of Canons a Tear before their Liturgy, which was not finjh'd till the Month of Otober 1636. His Majefly's Reafons for compiling it were, That his Royal Father had intended it, " and made a large Progrefs in the Work, in order to curb fuel) of his Subjects in Scotland as were in- " clined to Puritanifm." His Majefty's Words : " Our Father of blefied Memory, immediately after his coming into England, comparing the Decency and Uni- .' formity of God's Worfhip here, efpecially in the " Liturgy of the Church, with that Diverfity, t nay Deformity which was us'd in Scotland, where no fet or publick Form of Prayer was us'd ; " but Preachers and Readers, and ignorant School- " matters pray'd in the Church ; fometimes fo ig- 6G norantly, as it was a fhame to all Religion to " have the Majetty of God fo barbaroufly fpo- " ken unto ; fometimes fo feditioufly, that their King Charles's large Declaration, concerning the late Vurntalts Sccz snci, p. i Vihliotheca Resia, p, t i 5, Prayeri