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Wogof thePuritans, examin'd. r 7 3 66 Prayers wereplain Libels, girding at Sovereignty 'c and Authority :; or Lyes, being ftuff'd with all 6L the Elie Reports in the Kingdom : He did im- C4 mediately, as became a Religious Prince, be- think himfelf ferioufly, how his firft Reforma- " tion in that Kingdom might begin at the Pub- " lick Worfhip of God, which he moft truly 6L conceiv'd could never be happily effeEed, until 66 fuch time as there should be an Unity and Uni- 6' formity in the Publick Prayers, Liturgy, and " Service of the Church eftablifhed, throughout " the whole Kingdom." Neal, Ibid. That his prefent Majefly refolv'd to purfue the fame Defign, and therefore confented to the Publication of this Book, (which was the fame in Sub- fiance with the Englifh Liturgy,) That the Roman Partymight not upbraid us with any material Di e- rences ; andyet it was fo far diflina, that it might truly be reputed a Book of that Church's compofing, and eftablr'd by his Royal Authority as King of Scot- land. * ' We refolv'd, (fays King Charles) by the Grace of God, to purfue that his Pious and Princely Defign for fettling a Publick Liturgy in ' that our Kingdom of Scotland ; it having been fo happily atchiev'd, facilitated, and almoft per- ' feted by him. To which purpofe, we caus'd the faid Service-Book, tranfmitted byhim to that ' Church, to he remitted and fent back to us ; that ' after our Perufal and Alterations, if any thould be found either necefEry or convenient, it like- ' wife might receive our Royal Authority and Ap- probation : We having receiv'd that Book, and after many ferious Confultations had with divers of our Bithiops and Clergy of that Kingdom then here prefent with us; and after our Advices by * Large Declaration, p. 17. Bibliotheca Regia, p, ,16. 6 our