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Dory ofthe Puritans, examin'd. z 79 many Preachers, without any apparent Difguía ' of the Book, or Difgrace offered to the Preachers Perfons nay, having been commended in Ser- ' mons, by fame of their now principal Covenan- '.'ring Minifters, who have fince been the ,greateth ' Railers againft it, by none more than one Rol- ' lock, a Minitter of Edinburgh, who both in a Sermon preach'd by him at a Synod in Edinburgh, before the Bithop of the Diocefe, and in his Ser- mon on the Sunday of Intimation of the reading of the Service-Book, the next Sunday, did highly ti magnify the Book.' And again, * In the Cd1- ' lege Church, Rollock, one of the Preachers there, who the Sunday before, at the Intimation of the Reäding, had fo much commended the Book, and had undertaken this Day to read it, though he had the Book ready to becarried to the Church with him, yet very wifely refolved to halt a little, ' until he might know how it was entertain'd at Sr. Gyles Church, that fo his Corifcience might corn- ' ply with the Carriage of the Multitude ; whofe Rudenefs being reported to him, he (notwithftan- ' ding his Commendations of the Book, and his 4 faithful Promife to read it) thought it the fafer Courfe to leave himfeif to the Cenfure of all Men, for his Levity and Breach of Promife, than offend the Multitude, whofe Favour is the only Air in which he taketh delight tobreathe and live.' And Dr. Nalfon gives a further Account of this Rollock, not much to his advantage. -f- ' One ' Mary Michelton, (Jays be) who, for feveral Years, had been dittraEted, was by them (the Covenan- ters) reported to be infpired : in which Fits, thou- ' (ands reported to her ; fhe extolled the Covenant, 4 and made bitter Inveáives againft theOppofers of it. Rollock, her Favourite, and, as was fup- P. 24 i_v_,i on's Qolle&ions, Vol. T. p. 93; -g¢: N ' nofect,