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178 Mr. NE A L's III Vol. of the * ' We did, with the Book, fend home certain InftruEtions and DireEtions, to our Bithops of that ' Kingdom, fign'd with our own Hand; amongft which, this was one : that notwithftanding we had now eftablifhed this Book by our Authority, yet they fhould proceed with all Moderation, and dif- ' pence with fuch, for the praEtice of fome things contain'd in the Book, as they fhould find either not well perfuaded of them, or willing to be infor- med concerning them ; or did hope that Time and Reafon might gain a better Beliefof them.' Neal, p. 3 i5. T'ho Clergy that read the Liturgy in the other Churches, met with the like Ufage, infomuch, that the whole City was in an Uproar ; but it did nct yet appear, that any befades meaner People were con - cern'd in it. This bohl Salley (lays Collier, from Bithop Guthry's Memoirs) tho' it carried the Face of a rafh, unpremeditated Riot, was in reality the Refult of a Confideration held at Edinburgh, in April laft. Here the Lord Balmerinocb, Sir 9-ho- ' mas Hope Advocate, and Mr. Alexander Hender- fon, with fome others of Conduct and Figure, be- ' ing in the Concert, engaged the Women to be- ' gin the Attack upon the Book ; giving them Af- ' furance, that the Men would fupport them, and go on with the Quarrel.' Neal, ibid. Among the Mini lers that orzofd the reading of the Liturgy, were the Reverend Mr. Ram- fay, Mr. Rollock, Mr. Henderfon, Mr. Hamil- ton, and Mr. Bruce. The King, in his large Declaration, (peaks of one of them, the Reverend Mr. Ro'lock, as fol- lows : fi The Service-Book which was to be read, ' having been in publick Sermons commended by " King Charles's large Declaration, p. 21, Collier, p. 777. Guthry's Memoirs, p, ao. Large Declaration, p. az, 3 many