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H/1ory of the Puritans, examin'd. z 8 foot, the facred Authority and Laws of Us the Lord's Anointed; as allo with the Violation of the Perfons of the Lord's Priefts and Prophets, his BVhops and Minifters ; and all thefe pra&ifed by the bale Multitude, difavow'd and dilclaim'd at that time, by all Magiftrates and Perlons put in Authority, and all others, of any Rank and uality, who branded that Multitude with the Names of the Scum and Froth of the People, and offer'd themfelves to the uttermoft of their Dili- ` gence and Afiiftance, for the finding them out, and bringing them to the higheft and molt con- . dign Punifhment, as [hall prefently appear from 6 the Demeanour of the Magiftrates, when they were called before our Council for that purpofe.' Neal, p. 316. be Petitions [viz. one againít the Liturgy and Canons] were tranfmitted to the King; who, inféad of returning a fit Anfwer, or- dered a Proclamation to be publifhed from Sterling, [February lg.] againf the late diforderly Tumults; in which, after having declared his Abhorrence of all Superftition and Popery, he expreffed his Difpleafure againft the Petitioners. * This Proclamation bears date from Sterling, the gth Day of February, 163 8. The Title of it, His Alajefly's Proclamation, relating to a Petition prefented to the Lords of His Council in Scotland, a- gainft the Liturgy and Canons. Upon which Dr. Heylin obferves as follows : t ' Had his Majefty followed at the heels of this Proclamation, with a powerful Army, according to the Cuftom of his Predeceffors, the Kings of England, it might have done force good Impon them. But Procla- mations of Grace and Favour, ifnot back'd by Arms, are but like Cannons charged with Pow- , der without Ball or Bullet, making more Noire * Bibliotheca Regia, p. 147. l Heylia's Cyprianras 4nglicus, P. 3344 N 3 6 than