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Y- 8 2 Mr. N E A L 'S IIa' Vol. of the than Execution ; and ferve for nothing in effect but to make the Rebel infolent, and the Prince contemptible.' Id. it). And to prevent any farther Riots, ordered the Term' or Sefton to be removed from Linlithgow to Sterling. There is no Order given in this Proclamation, (I will take upon me to fay, having perufed it care- fully) for the Removal of the Sefion or Term from Linlithgow to Sterling, as Mr. Neal afferts. And the King there expreffes himfelf with the utrnoft Tendernefs to his Scotifh Subjects ; and lays that he believed, ' That what they had done therein, was ' out of a preposterous Zeal, and not out of any Difloyalty or DifaffeEion to Sovereignty ; and that he was graciou{ly pleafed, in fo far as con- ' cerns there Meetings, for confulting or fubfcri- bing of tl5,efe Petitions to any Judge or Judges ' of the laid Kingdom, to difpenfe therewith, and ' with what may be their Fault or Error therein, to all fuch as upon Signification or Declaration of ' his Pleafare shall retire themfelves, as becometh his dutiful Subjeas.' And concludes in the fol- lowing gracious Words : * ' And as concerning ' any Petitions that hereafter fhall be given unto ' us, upon this, or any other Subjea, we are like- ' wife pleafed to declare, that we will not Phut our ' Ears therefrom, fo that neither the Matter or ' Form be prejudicial to regal Authority. Given under our Signet at Sterling, the gth Day of Fe- u bruary, 1638.' Neal, p. 322. His Lordfhip [viz. the Marquis of Hamilton] moved his Majefly either to yield to the People, or haften his Royal Arms. The King replied, that he would rather die, than yield to their imperti- azent and damnable Demands, (as you rightly call them ; omitted by Mr. Neal) but admitted of the * Bibliothess Regis, p. 47. Marquis's.