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HJ1ory of thePuritans, examin'd 18 3 Marquis's flattering them to gain Time. Rufhworth, P. 752. The Words in the place referred to, Gain Time by all the honeft Means you can, without forfaking your Grounds. Mr. Neal, p. 328. fpeaking of the firft Scots War, fays, That the Archbifhop of Canterbury writ to the B/hops of his Province, that this being Bellurn Epifcopale, a War for the Support of Epifco- pacy, they fhouldflir up their Clergy to a liberal Con- tribution. Pryn's Introdu&ion, p. 177. Here is a fmall Mittake (but what, is but too common with Mr. Neal) of one Bifhop for another. The Archbifhop does not call it Bellum Epifcopale, in his Letter to the Bifhops ; * but Dr. Peirce, Bi- fhop of Bath and Wells, calls it fe, in his Letter to his Clergy. Neal, p. 331. Mr. Charles Chauncey, B. D. was educated in Cambridge, and Greek Prop./for in that Univerfty. Mr. Charles Chauncey was admitted Senior in Trinity-College, Cambridge, April 2o. 161o. t He has a Copy of Latin Verfes upon Queen Anne's Death, [King 7ames's Queen] in 1619. He was then of Trinity-College, but no Degree mentioned, tho' probably he was A. M. (( He has another Latin Copy upon the Death of King lames, and Acceffion of King Charles, where he is (tiled Fel- low of Trinity-College, and Batchelor of Divinity. And t two Copies, one Latin, the other Greek, * Pryn's Introduaion, p. T77. Antipathy of. Englifh Lord- ly Prelacy, Parr H. chap. 6. t Vide Lachryn. Cantabrig. in obicum SereniffimæMinna Re- gina;, &c. 1619. p. 4.2. Cantabrig. Dolor, & Solamen; feu DeceffioBeat. Reg. pc. &c Sc Succeflìo Carols', &c. 161ß. p. r7, 18, 19. Epithalamium Caroli & Henrietta Marie, á Mufis Canta. brig. decantat. a6af. penes Rev. The-. Baker, S. T. B. N 4 upon.