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x ß6 Mr. N E Ä r, 's IV Vol. of the healing Parliament, for feveral Hours together, whether he [Philip Nye] and john Goodwin, that infamous and black-mouth'd Independent, fhould be excepted for Life, becaufe they had acted fo highly (none more, except Hugh Peters) against the King, and had been inftrumental in bringing all things into Confufion. At length it came to this Refült, " That' if Philip Nye Clerk, fhould, after the firth of September in the fame Year, ac- " cept or exercife any Office Ecclefiaftical, Civil, " or Military, he fhould, to all Intents and Pur- " pofes in Law, ftand as if he had been totally ex- " cepted for Life," In November 1662, he was 4 vehemently fufpe&ted to be in that Plot, for which George Philips, Thomas Tongue, &c. were executed ; but how he freed himfelf from that Sufpicion, I know not. Sure it is, that he was a moft dangerous and feditious Perlon, a politick Pulpit Driver of Independency, an infatiable Efu- rient after Riches, and what not, to raife a Fa- ' mily, and to heap up Wealth.' Heylin lays, (from Edwards's Gangrena) ' That Nye and Goodwin retired to flrnheim, a Town in Gelderland, &c. where their Preachers did not think they had done enough in confirming their new Church to the Pattern of the Mount, if it were not lipofnlical in the higheft PerfeCtion to which end, they not only admitted of Hymns and Prophefyings, which the Sifter Congrega- tions had not entertained, but of Widows and the Holy Kifs, cafhier'd for the avoiding of Scandal in the primitive Times ; yea, ofExtreme Unction alfo. The Exercife whereof, by Kfn and Patients, I had rather the Reader fhould take 4 out of the Gangrena, than expert from me.' Neal, ibid. Mr. Jeremiah Burroughs, a moft candid and moderate Divine, educated in Cambridge, * Cyprianus Angticus, p. 34f and,