Grey - BX9329 G7 1736

TtoryofthePuritans, exaynin'd 187 and afterwards a famous Preacher to two cf the largejt Congregations in London, viz. Stepney and Cripple- gate. 4. I leave the Reader to judge of his great Candour and Moderation, from the following Paffiges in one of his Sermons : ` Such Tygers have we had of late among us ; Tygers in Rage and Cruelty a- ' gainft the Saints, the fweet Savour of their Grace fo delightful to God, made them rage againfi them; and now the fweet Savour of their Corn- ' forts, their Peace, their Liberties, make them rage again.' Burroughs before the Commons, September 7, 16 .1. p. 8. Member of the AlTem- bly of Divines. Tho' Chrift be a Bundle of Myrrh, in which there is Bitternefs, yet he is the Well -beloved of his Church, and he shall lie all night between her Breafts.' Ibid. p. r i. Surely Prayer bath been the Midwife to help to bring forth thefe Mercies. 'What is it that brought forth ? It is a Mercy, full of Strength and Vigour, that prefently crufheth thefe Babyloni/h Brats of Innovation lately hatched, and pro- mifèth great Mercy to us ; a Mercy that is the Foundation of Mercies to the Generation to come ; fuch a Mercy, as is beyond the Parallel of any Mercy, which England ever had fince the Gofpel came into it.' Ibid. p. 43 Neal, ibid. Mr. William Bridge, M. Fellow of Emanuel College, Cambridge ; he fettled in the City of Norwich, in the Parifh of St. George Tom - Iand, where he continued, till he was filenced for Non-conformity by Bifhop Wren, in the rear 1637, and excommunicated. The Republican Spirit of Bridge appears from the following Paffage : ' The King mull: not only command according to God's Law, but fi Man's Laws ; and if he don't fo command, Re- ' fillance