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190 Mr. N E A L's IId Vol. of the made, and the Scots in equal Inclination, and more Reputation to affront his Majefty than ever.' Neal, p. 336. The Scots Parliament met Auguft 3 i, and havingfirft fubfccribed the Solemn League and Covenant, with the King's Confent, they confirmed all the 4 s of the General- 4lffembly, concluding with the utter Extirpation of Epfcopacy, as unlawrul. But the King having, by his Comm;jioner, forbid him to content to the Word unlawful, left it jhould be inter- preted abfolutely, tho' it feems to have a reference to the Kirk of Scotland, his Lordf7ip prorogued the Par- liament, firfl for fourteen Days, and then, by the King's exprefs Command, for nine Months, without ratifying any of their 4h?s. * ' Thus you have our Pleafure, (faith the King, in his Letter to the Earl of 2raquair) fully figni- fled in every Particular of your Letter, which you will find no ways contrary to our Refolution ' taken at Berwick, and our Inftruaions given to you there. But if the Madnefs of our Subjeas be fuch, that they will not reft fatisfied with what we have given you Power and Authority to con defcend to, which, notwithftanding all their Info- ' fences, we (hall allow you to make good to them ; we take God to witncfs, that what Mifery foever fhall fall to that Country hereafter, it is no Fault of ours, but their own Procurement. And here - ' upon we do command you, that if you cannot compofe this Bufinefs according to our Infiruc- tions, and what we have now written, that you prorogue the Parliament till the next Spring, and that you may think of forne Courfe how you may make publick to all our Subjets, what we have given you power to condefcend to, &c.' Neal, p. 34o, The Parliament that met at Weft- minfter (jays the noble Flforiaiz) was made up of 17alfon, x. 2ÿ$, ,Kenner, fiber