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12 Mr. N EA L 'S III Vol. of the 'Tis * a fign (lays he) of the latter Days draw- ing on, even the Contempt of the Church, and ' the Governors and Teachers thereof now in the Church of England; which I fay in my Confcï- ' ence, of any Church, that ever I reador knew of, . prefent or paft, is molt pure, and neareff the Pri- mitive and Apa/lolical Church, in Dotrine and Difcipline, and is furelieft founded upon the Word of God, of any Church in Chriftendom.' The Papi/ls next lay claim to him, if we will take Mr. Neal's Word for it, but with as little Rea- ton as the Puritans. Neal, p. 3. The Papiffs put the King in remem- brance, that he was born ofRoman Catholick Pa- rents, and had been baptizedwith the Rites andCere- monies of the Church of Rome ; that his Mother, of whom he ufually (poke with Reverence, was a Martyr for the Church ; and that he himfelfupon fundry Oc- cafions had expreffed no dike to her Dottrines, tho' be difallowedof the Ufurpations ofthe Court of Rome over Foreign Princes. That he had called the Church of Rome his Mother-Church; that therefore they prefumed to welcome his Majefly into England, with a Petition for an open Toleration. How far King James affeEted the Romifh Reli- ()ion, or encouraged a Toleration of it, we (hall be able to judge from his own Authority. In his Speech to the Lords and Commons at Whitehall, March a I. 1 609, he has the following Words As 1- for Religion, we have all great caufe to take heed unto it ; Paps are waxed as proud at this time as ever they were, which makes many to think they have force new Plot in hand ; they are waxed fo proud, that force fay, no Man dare prefent them, nor Judges meddle with them, King James's Works, p. 554. 1. King James's Works, p, 544, 547. they