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.1ifloY,y of the Puritans, exanzin'd I x Tho' * I have liv'd amongft thefe Men, ever ` Pnce I was ten Years old, yet fnce I had ability S to judge, I was never of them ; neither did any , thing make me more to condemn and deteft their Courfes, than that they did fo peremptorily dif- 4 allow of all Things, which had at all been ufed in Popery : For my part, I know not how to an- ' fwer the Obje&ions of the Papifls, when they charge us with Novelties, but truly to tell them s their Abufes are new ; but the Things which they abufed, we retain in their Primitive Ufe, and forfake only the Novel Corruption.' At another time he laid ; t ' It pleafed him, to enter into a Gratulation to the Almighty God, for bringing him into the Promifed Land, where Religion was purely profeffed, where he fat a- , mong Grave, Learned, and Reverend Men, not as before, as elfewhere, a King without State, ' without Honour, and without Order, where beard- ' lets Boys would brave him to his face.' And we find him declaring elfewhere, (J ' That his Mother and he from their Cradles had been haun- ted with a Puritan Devil, which he feared would not leave him to his Grave: And that he would hazard his Crown, but he would fupprels thofe malicious Spirits.' Neal ibid. in his Speech to the Parliament 1593, he tells them, he minded not to bring in Papieal and 4nglicane Bithops. This is grounded upon as (lender an AuthoritJ', as the Declaration before-mention'd, which appears I think fromwhat has been already ob(erved. To which I (hall add one Paffige from the King's Speech in the Star- Chamber, 'tine loth, 1616. * The Sum and Subftance of the Hampton-Court Conference, by Dr. Bartow, p. 74.. + Ibid. p. q,. Peck's Defiderata Curiofa, Lib. f. p 44. ' 'Tis