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J9 zq. Mr. Ni AL 's III Vol. of the and Lives ; fo will I never ceafe, as far as I can, to treaddown their Errors and wrongOpinions. For ' I could not permit the encreafe and growing of their Religion without firft betraying of myfelf, and mine own Confcience, &c. and therefore ' would I with all good Subje6ts, that are deceiv'd ' with that Corruption, &c. to affure themfelves, that fo long as they are difconformable in Reli- c gion from us, they cannot be but half my Sub- ' jecfs, be able to do but half Service, and I to want the beft halfof them, which is their Souls.' To this may be added a very material Proof, the Attempt of the Paps to fet afide the King's Suc- ceffion to the Crown of England. ' About * the Year i6or, Pope Clement VIII. fent his Breves (as they call them) into England, warning all the Clergy and Laity, that profeffed the Roman Faith, not to admit after the Queen's Death any Man, how near foever in Blood, to be King, unlefs he fhould bind himfelf by Oath, to pro- ' mote the Catholirk Roman Religion. And Bithop ' Spotfwood informs us, t that all that were Enemies to the Proteftant Religion, the fefuits efpecially, buffed to {tit- up a Party againft the King and his Title to England. They had loft all hopes of gaining his Affection, or obtaining any hopes of Toleration, when he fnould come to the Crown ' and had found their Writings and Pamphlets for the Infanta of Spain her Right, to move few or none. Thereupon they fell to treat ofa Marriage betwixt Lady Arabella, and Robert Prince of Savoy: and that not fucceeding, to fpeak of a ' Match betwixt her, and a Grandchild of the Earl ofHertford's, judging that their Pretenfions being conjoin'd, many would befriend them, to the spotf,»000d's Hittory, p. 464. Camden's Elizabeth, p. f96. 1- spot /mood's Hiftory, p. 470.