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Wor-y of the Puritans, examin'd. r 5 excluding the King ofScots. But the Queen, who truly favour'd his Right, dafhed all thefe Pro- ' je&s, and caufed an Eye to be kept upon that Lady, and fuch as reforted unto her. * ' R. Parfons the f efuit, publifh'd a Conference about the next Succefion to the Crown of Eng- land, in two Parts. 'Twas printed 1593 -94, in ' svo. under the Name of N. Doleman, the fecond ' Part of which was to prove that the Infanta of Spain was the legal Heir to the Crown of England : the penning whereof did much endear him to the King ofSpain. But fo loon as this Book peep'd forth, which was accounted a moft heinous and fcandalous Thing, the Parliament enadfed, 35 Elizab. That whofoever fhould be found to have it in his Houfe fhould be guilty of High-Trea- ' fon ; and whether the Printer of it was hang'd, drawn, and quarter'd, (as fume fay he was) I ' cannot affirm.' And can Mr. Neal after all this Proof to the contrary, (to which an infinite Number of Autho- rities to the fame purpofe, might be added) fufpe&t King games to have been a Favourer of Popery, ? With the fame Reafon, and by the very fame-Rule, we might conclude Mr. Neal to be a Favourer of Monarchy, and Epifcopacy ; notwithffanding all the Virulency we meet with againft three admira- ble Monarchs, and fame eminent Bithops, in his two late Performances ; for no other Reaten, than the noble ffand they made, againff thole that were Bigots to the Separation ; and for their ftrhft Ad- herence to the Church eftablifhed. After this, he proceeds to fupport his Evidence in favour of the hopes of the Puritans, in the fol- lowing manner. r Wood's Athen. Oxon. Vol. 1.p. 207. 1ff Edit. London 1691. Camden's Elizabeth, p. 48x, Neal,