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í f1ory ofthe Puritans, examin'cl. z 7 quent Petition, that it went farther than this, as not being for the paring, pruning, and purging, but for the extirpating and abolifhing of Bifhops, and conforming Church- Government to a foreign ' Presbytery.' '" And Mr. Strype obferves, ' That foon after, Copies of this Petition were fent forth into all Quarters of the Realm, with falfe Suggeftions, as if the Ding had lent this their Motion a fa- ' vourable Ear, and given it a kind of confenting Entertainment : and as tho' in all this, they had done nothing, whereunto they were not animated ' and encouraged by forne of special Credit about His Highnefs. But by this Courfe (as fome then obferved) they had alter'd the Name of the afore- faid Schedule, and of an intitled Petition to his Majefty, they had made it a Covert kind of ' Libel: whereby, fecurely as they thought, they ' might deprave and flander, not only the Commu- ' nion-Book, but the whole Plate of the Church, as it flood reformed by the late Sovereign.' Neal, p. 7. The Univerfaty of Oxford publifhed an Anfiver to the Miners Petition, entitled, An Anfwer of the Tice-Chancellor, DoSors, ProSors, and other Heads of the Univerfaty ofOxford to the [Humble, in Tit.] Petition of the Minitiers of the Church of England, defiring Reformation ; [of certain. Cere- monies and Abufes in the Church. Omitted by Mr. Neal] Dedicated to the Archbifhop, the Chan- cellors ofboth Univerfities, and the two Secretaries of State. 'Tis dedicated to the King, with a Preface addreffed to the Archbifhop of Canterbury, to ' the Lord Buckhurft, Lord High -Treafurer of England, and Chancellor of the Univerfity of * Life of Whitgift, p. 56y, C ' OxFord