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I6 Mr. N E A L'S lid 'Vol. of the Neal, p. 5. While the King was in his Progrefs to London, the Puritans prefented their Millenary Petition ; fo called, becaufe it was fubfcribed by a thoufand Hands, tho' there were no more than Soo Hands out of 25 Counties. Dr. Fuller a Favourite Hiftorian, Pays, * ' There were but 75o Preachers hands to it, but thofe all collec`Ied out of 25 Counties; however, for the more Rotundity of the Number, and Grace of the Matter, it pafi'eth for a full Thoufand : which no doubt the Collectors of the Names (if fo pleafed) Haight eafily have compleated.' Mr. Strype informs us, t t That they were fome hun- dreds fhort.' Neal, ibid. It is entitled, The humble Petition of the Miners of the Church of England, deftring Reformation of certain Ceremonies, and Abufes of the Church. The Preamble Pets forth, " That neither as factious Men, affecting a popular Pa- " rity in the Church, nor as Schifmaticks aiming at " the diolution of the State Ecclefiaftical ; but as the " faithful Minifters [Servants, Pet.] of Chrifl, and " loyal Subjects to his Majefty, they humbly defired the " Redrefs offorce [diverfe, Pet.] Abufes." Dr. Fuller gives an Account of their unfair Deal- ing in procuring hands to this Petition. Sure.I am, Pays he, the Prelatical Party complain'd, that to fwell a Number, the Nonconformifts did not chufe, but fcrape Subfcribers ; not to fpeak of ' the Ubiquitarinefs of force hands, the fame being always prefent at all Petitions. Indeed to the ' firft, only Minifters were admitted, but to the latter Brood of Petitions, no hand which had five Fingers was refufed. He obferves of a fubfe- * Church-Hiflory, Book io. p. 7. `l' Life of Whitgift, p. ç6s. II .fuller's Church-Hitory, Book ' o. p. 24 quent