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Wary ofthe Puritans, examin'd. 1 9 appeared before his Majefty in Turky-Gowns, not in their fcholaftick Habits, forting to their De- grees.' Neal, p. r t. The Account of this Conference was publed only by Dr. Barlow, who being a Party, (rays Fuller) fit a(harp Edge on his own; and a blunt one on his Adverfaries Weapons ; Dr. Sparks and Dr. Reynolds complaiiz'd, that they were wronged by that Relation, andDr. Jackfon declared, that Barlow repented upon his Death-Bed, of the Injury he bad done the Puritan Miners at the Hampton-Court Conference. Peirce, p. 153, 154. The Improbability of this Story may be judged of, from the Charmer of his Author, when compared with the much better Authority of Mr. Strype, whore Impartiality Mr. Neal I hope will not call in queftion. And he informs use, That an authentic Relation was drawn up by Barlow Dean.of Chefler, and that by the Arch- bifhop's own Order, which therefore we may conclude, was carefully review'd by himfelf ; and that it might be the more exact and coni- c plete, it was completed and enlarged by the Writer, (before it was publithed) with theNotes and Copies of the Bithop ofLondon, the Deans of Chri/l-Church, Wincheter and Windfor, and the Archdeacon of Nottingham.' Neal, p. 12. In the Common-Prayer Book, his IVlaje/ty had lone Scruples about the Confirmation of Children, as if it imported a Confirmation of Baptifrm ; but the ArchbiAop on his Knees replied, T hat the Church did not held Baptifiri imperft without Con- firmation. Bancroft Paid, it was of Apoflolical .Inf1i- tution, Heb. vi. 2. where 'tis called the Doti'rine of laying on of Hands. From his fubfequent Account of this Conference, in which the Reader will meet with fome things Life oftDhitgift, p. 57 C bordering