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Mr. N E A L'S IP Vol. of the bordering upon Contradictions, one would itna. gine, the King could make no fcruples on that fide of the Qaeftion, and he can't forbear (even in the Paragraph here referred to) curtailing the Senfe of his Authors, by omitting the following Words cited byBp. Barlow and Dr. Fuller*; ' So did Mr.Calvin expound that very Place, who withed earnefily theReftitution thereofin thofe reformedChurches, where it had been abolifhed.' Neal, p. 14. Mr. Patrick Galloway, who was prefent at the Conference, gives this Account of it to the Presbytery ofEdinburgh ; That,on January 12th, the King commanded theBifhops, as they would anfwer it to God in Confcience, and to himfelf upon their Obe- dience, to advife among themfelves of the Corruptions of the Church in Dotlrine, Ceremonies, andDifcipline, who, after Confultation reported, that all was well; but when his Majefty with great Fervency brought"In- fiances to the contrary, the Bithops on their Knees with great earneflnefs craved, that nothing might be alter'd, left Popith Recufants punifhed by Penal Statutes for their Difobedience, and the Puritans punifhed by De- privation from their Callings and Livingsfor Noncon. formity, fhouldfay, they had ju/lCaufe to infult upon them, as Men who had travailed to bind them to that, which by their own Mouths now was confeffed to be erroneous. I thould have thought Bifhop Barlow's the only publedAccount, fromMr.Neal's Authority, p. i I. But here.we have an Account (and that publithed too, I fuppofe) ofMr. Patrick Galloway's ; and how confiftent it is with what Mr. Neal mentions, p. to, i r. and elfewhere, of the King's behaviour towards the Puritans, I beg of him to confider._ When' the King (he tells us) conferredwith the Bithops, he behaved withSoftnefs, and agreat. Regard to their * Sum of the Conference, p. r i , Fuller, B. x. p. 9. Charaf`ier