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24. Mr. N E A LAS IIa Vol. of the That Mafter 7acob, the fuppofed Author of this Book, might fecurely brave us, with this his Offer ' of Conference : for howfoever we might willingly ' accept it, in hope of gaining our Caufe ; yet he knew well that this could not be entertain'd with- ' out leave of the State : and as well, that the State ' would never fuller thefe things to be queftioned of ' Unlawfulnefs, which Dr. Raynolds, Dr. Chadcrton, Dr. Sparke, and the reft of the molt Eminent of this Nation, which feem'd to favour that Party, would neither affirm to be unlawful, nor be known, that any of that fide were fo weak as to think fo : and then Mr. 7acob quarrelleth the_ Choice of thefe learned Perfons ; who (hall affure us, that they will either agree in the Choice of ' their Difputants, or reft in their Judgments.' Neal, p. 25. Six Weeks after, [Cartwright] died bis great Antagonf, Dr. John Whitgift, Brchbif5op of Canterbury ; he was educated in Pembroke -Hall, Cambridge. He was firft of Queen's College, then ofPembroke- Hall, and Fellow of Peter-house. [Strype's Life of Whitgift, p. 4.] Neal, Ibid. He complied with the Times in Queen Mary's Reign, though he difapîroved of her Religion. How far he complied with the Times, Mr. Strype informs us in the following Words : There was to be a V ifitation of that Univer- ' fity [Cambridge] by Authority of Cardinal Pole, (now Archbifhop of the Church of Canterbury, ' and the Pope's Legate,) in the Year 1556. in ' order to the fuppreffing ofpretended Flerefy, that ' had taken no little Root there, by the means of ' .3ucer and Fagius, late publick Readers in Cam- ' bridge, and for the urging of Popery upon Fellows ' andScholars, and obliging fuch as were qualified # Life of Whitgift, p.;. c to