Grey - BX9329 G7 1736

Hfiory ofthe Puritans, exxamin'de 23 in Lancafhire, who fear'd, if they were forced unto them, many whom they had won to the Gofpel would flide back into Popery again ; and particularly inftanced in the Vicar of Ratte/dale ; (he could not have light upon a worfe :) For not many Years before, he was proved before my Lord Archbilhop, as his Grace there teftified, and my Lord Chancellor, by his unfeemly and unreve- rent Ufage of the Eucharift, dealing the Breadout of a Basket, every Man putting in his Hand and taking out a Piece, to have made many loath the Holy Communion, and wholly refufe to come to Church.' Neal, p. 21. thus ended this mock Conference, for it deferves no better Name, all things being concluded privately between the King and the Bops, before the Puritans were brought upon the Stage, to be made a Spectacle to their Enemies, and born down with calm Reafon and Argument, but with the Royal Authority, I approve or I dlent, the King making himfclf both yuc!.`e and Party. How confiftent this is with what Mr. Neal ob- ferves before from Mr. Patrick Galloway, p. 14. I leave the Reader to judge. To what has been already obferv'd concerning the King's Behaviour at the Hampton -Court Confe- rence, Bithop Barlow adds*, ' That his Majefty's Gracious Conclufion was fo piercing, as that it fetch'd Tears from fame on both fides.' Neal, p. 22. The Puritans refirfed to be concluded by this Conference; for which he quotes a Book, en- titled, AChriflian and modeji Offer ofConference with the Prelates, printed 6o6. This Book was dedicated to the King, and Dr. Bargefs makes this Obfervation upon it ±, * Sum and Subftance, &c. p. io6. t Preface to Dr. Burgefs's Anfwer rejoined. to that much ap- plauded of a namclefs Author, hearing this Title; A Reply to. Dr.tvforton's gentle D:fence ofthree nocent Gcremonies,&c. p. C That