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26 Mr.NEAL Vol. of t,e of TJ/arcefter, in his Funeral Sermon*, ' That he lived and died in great Reputation, and particu- larly happy for being efteem'd for his Wifdom, Learning and Piety by both his Sovereigns, ' Q Elizabeth and K. names, who both confulted ' with him in all Matters ofthe Church, and making Laws and Orders for the well governing of it, and likewife in always taking his Advice for pro- per Men to be placed in the chief Preferments of it; and who feeing the great Danger of the over- ' throw of the Religion happily reformed at the ' firft, viz. of the Dotrine of it by the Paps, and the Difcipline and Conftitution of it by the New Reformers, devoted himfelf, his Pains, his Studies, his Learning, his Intereft, to the prefer- ' ving of it ; wherein he had Succefs to the end of his Days, tho' through much Oppofition.' Neal, p.26. His Grace grew weary of the invidi- ous Employment, and being afraid of King James'sfirft Parliament, died, as it is faid, with Grief before it met, defrring rather to give an 4Iccount of his Bifhop- rick to God than to Man. How unhappy is this poor Archbifhop, whole Words and Anions have always the 'bad Fortune to be mifreprefented by Mr. Neal ! Take the Words from Strype, as follow f ; Et nunc Domine exaltata eft anima mea, quod in eo tempore fuccubui, quando mallem Ep f opattls mei reddere rationem, quam ïnter homisïes exercere : ' My Soul is lifted up, that I die in a time, wherein I had rather give up to God an Account of my Bifhoprick, than any longer to exercife it among Men.' Let the Reader judge which is the molt faithful Tranflation; and I can fee no reafon why it fhouid be fufpeeted that he died of Grief, for he was born in the Year 1530, and died in 1603, aged 73 Years. * Strype, Ibid. Life ofbíhitgif. r . 5 ¡Veal,