Grey - BX9329 G7 1736

Hifory of ftIe Puritans, examin'd. 27 Neal, Ibid. He was at Court the firft Sunday in Lent, but going to the Council -Chamber to dinner, [after long farting, Omitted] he was takenwith the dead Palfy on the right Side, and with the lofs of his Speech, upon which he was carried immediately to Lambeth. * ' He was firft carried to the Lord Treafurer's i Chamber, where he was for a while, and then convey'd to Lambeth.' Neal, Ibid. The King vifited him on Tuefday, but not being able to converfe, he lifted up his Eyes and Hands, andlaid, pro Ecclefiâ Dei, which were his !aft Words. t ' At Lambeth, on Tue/day (fays Strype) he had the honour ofa Vifit from the King, who out of the Senfe of the great Need he rhould have of him at this particular Junaure, (now he had laid fuch a Scheme for Reformation) told him, he would pray to God for his Life ; and if he could obtain it, he Ihould think it one of the greateft ' temporal Bleffings that could be given him in this Kingdom.' Neal, p. 27. Though he war a cruel P,rlecutor of the Puritans, yet comparedwith his Succefor Bancroft, he was a valuable Prelate. By the word Perfecution in Mr. Neal, the Reader muff underffand, that he means no more than a commendable Zeal for the Eltablifhment. And had the good Archbifhop been (what he really was not) a Perfecutor, I am fure our Hiflorian has much exceeded him in the Perfecution of his Me- mory. But in anfwer, let us hear what was faid of him by one of his Chaplains. t Wich hire is buried the famoufefl Glory of ourEnglf5Church, and the molt kind Encourager * Life of Whitgift, p.578. Id. lb. :1: Life of Whitgft, p, S73.