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40 Mr. NE A L's TV V©l..of the thefe Spiritual Courts, (as they, call them) toge-. ' ther with the whole Rabble of the Prelates, and their Servitours, from and under them fet over. 6 thefe Cathedral and Parifhional Afïèmblies in this Confufion, are ftrange and AntichriffianMiniílery and Offices, and are not that Miniftery above- named, inifituted in Chrift's Teffarnents, or ' placed in his Church. p. 23." Art. 32. ' Therefore all that will be faved, are bound up by God's Commandment with fpeed to come forth of this AntichrUtian Eftate, leaving the Supprefl'ion ofit to the Magiftrate untowhom it belongeth. And all fuch as have receiv'd or exercifed any of thefe falfe Offices, or any pre- ' tended Fun&ions or .Miniftery in, or to this falfe ' and iintichrillian Conftitution, are willingly in ' God's Fear to give over, and leave thofe unlawful Offices, and no longer to minifter in this man- ner, to thefe Affemblies, to this Eftate. Neither ' may any, of what Sort or Condition foever, give any part of their Goods, Lands, Money, or ' Money-worth to the Maintenance of this falfe Miniftry, and Worfhip, upon any Command- ' ment or Colour whatfoever.' Neal, p. 48. BeingMen of warm Spirits, they fell to pieces about fine Points of Difcipline; Johnfon ex- communicated his own Father and Brotherfor trifling Maiters, after having reje&îed the Mediation of the Presbytery of Amfterdam. This divided the Congre- gation, infomuch that Mr. Ainfworth and half the Congregation excommunicated Johnfon, who after force time return'd thefame Compliment to Ainfworth: at length the Controver/y grewfo hct, that Amfterdam could nothold them, &c. Dr. Heylin's Account of thefe Separatifis, is very remarkable *; ' That having broken afunder the * Rift. Presbyter. p. 374, 375. Bond