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I oyofthe Puritans, examin'd 3 9 had been but forty five deprived upon all Occa- fions, which in a Realm, containing nine thou fand Prifhes, could be no great Matter. But it was, that by the Punifhment of forne ofthe Prin- cipals, he ftruck fuch a general Terrour into all the reif, that Inconformity grew out of fafhion in lefs time than could be eaûly imagined.' Neal, p. 47. The greatefl' Numberofthof that left their Native Country for Religion were Brownifts, or rigid Separatiffs, of whom Mr. John Ainfworth and Robinfonwere the Leaders. Mr. Johnfon era-led a Church at Amfferdam after the Model of the Brown- ifts, having the Learned Mr. Ainfworthfor Doctor or Teacher. Thefe two publifhed to the World a Confeffion of Faith of the People called Brownifts, fn the-Tear 1602 ; not much different in Doctrine from the Har- mony of Confefons. A Tra& was publifhed, with this Title* ; An Apology of fuch true ChrUtians as are commonly but unjujtly called Brownifts, againJt fuck Imputations as are laid upon them by the Univerfity ofOxford. Ad- drefs'd to King fames, by the Overfeers, Deacons, and Brethren of the Englifh Church at Amfferdam, in the Low Countries, exiled for the Truth of Chrijt. Printed 1604. The following Articles 'hew the Spirit of thefe People, and how worthy they were of Favour from the Eftabli'hment. Art. 29. ' The prefent HierarchAf retain'd, and . ufed in England, ofArchbifhops, Primates, Lord Bifhops, Metropolitans, Suffragans, Deans, Pre- bendaries, Canons, Petti-Canons, Archdeacons, Chancellors, Commiffaries, Prieffs, Deacons or Half- Priefls, Parfons, Vicars, Curates, Hireling Roving Preachers, Church- Wardens, Parifh- Clerks ; alfo their Doctors and other Officers of 4 Publick Library, Cambridge, Clafs xix. 6. 33.. D 4 ' thefe