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44 Mr. N'EAL's IP Vol. o tie fanfified ¡landing in their Afi`emblies, and t through the Lord's Mercy. to us, do walk in the Holy Order ofhis Gofpel, although daily Suffe- rers for it. The following Principles (touching a true 4 Church-Miniftery, Worfhip and Government, as alfo how quite contrary hereto, the Engl is) 4 are not taken out ofour Writings, but from the Nonconformfls, yea and even from the chiefeft of them, which for Learning, Zeal, judgment, Ho- ' linefs of Life, &c. have ever held that Caufeo. '-Moreover, they are not barely affirm'd, but fuffi- ciently e,onfirm'd ; and therefore it ftandeth every one upon, to take them the more to heart, for cite, not one but many of themfelves, even Pro- phets of their own, will condemn them.' Id. .1.b. Mr. Neal from hence may learn, what En- couragement the Puritans gave the Separates, by their Writings. .Neal, p. s:5. The Lincolnshire Miniiers drew p an Apology for thofe MinUers who are troubledfor refuting ofSubfcription and Conformity, and prefented it to the King, December if, i 604. The Abridg- tnt of which is now before me, and begins with a Declaration of their Readinefs to fubfcribe the, ftrfi of e three Articles, required by the 36th Canon, con - cerning the King's Sufremacy ; but to the other two wecannot, fubfcribe, becaufe we are perfuaded that both the Book of Common Prayer,' and the-other Bocks to 1nàrbfcribed by the Canon, (of which yet in force !Rfse is we reverently efleem) contain in them fundry hrus which are not agreeable, but contrary to the gird of Cod. The Apology and Abridgment were oné and the fn e Book ; take Dr. Heylin's Account ofit . ' But gaining of this Man [Dr. johnBurgefs] did 1 rt.faillthe refit : For prefently on the Neck. of Hi.kiesry of Presbyter. P. 373. this