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Hif ory ?f the Puritan's, extziñin'a. this, comes out a factious Pamphlet, publilh'd ' by the Lincolnfhire Minifters, which they call the Abridgment, containing the Sum and Sub{fance of all thole Objections, which either then were, or ' formerly had been made againft the Church, ih reference to Doctrine, Government; or Forms ráf Worfhip. Concerning which, it is obferv'd by s the laid Dr: Burgefs, that he found the State of the Q eftion to bevery much alter'd in the fame that Cartwright and the reft, in the times forego ing, though they had fharpen'd both their Wits and Pens againft the Ceremonies, oppos'd them ' as inconvenient only,but no unlawful : that there- ' fore they endeavour'd to perfuade the Minitters rather to conform themfe,lves, than leave their Flocks ; the People rather to receive the Corn- ' mOnion kneeling, than not to receive the fame at all ; but that the Authors of that Book, and fome other Pamphlets, pronounced them to be limply unlawful, neither to be impòfed nor Wsd; fome of them thinking it a great part of Godii nefs to cart off the Surplice, and commanded their Children fo to do This made the Bifhops far more earneft to reduce thetas to a prefent Confor- mity, than otherwife they might have bten, though by fo doing they ehcreafed the Difcon tents, the Seeds whereof were fown at the end of the Conference.' Neal, p. 62. The Abridgment was anfrvrred by Pifhop Morton, and Dr. B.irgefs, who after he had fufer'd himfelf to be deprived for Non=Coní rjr:ty, June 19. 1604, was persuaded by Kirk Jarre ?o conform, and write in Defence of his ConduS, t,yaie l his former Arguments Dr. Burge s in the Preface, to his Anfwerrejo- ,'. , to that much applauded Pamphlet ofa namelel+ ft. thor, &c. p. z r. returns an Anfwer to this. or 4 this Caufe myfélf, tho' the weakeft of mans, be- ing