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Hi/iory qtthe Puritans, exarin'd. 51 was the Pillar of Puritanifm, and thegrand Favourer of Nonconformity : an unpardonable Crime, in his Opi- nion. This íhort Account may be added out ofFuller `; That his Difaffedion to the Difcipline eftablilhed in England, was not fo great, as fame Bithops did fufpeét, or as more Noncosformifls did believe. No doubt, he defired the abolithing of fome Ce- remonies for the Eafe of the Confcience of others, to which, in his own Practice he did willingly fubmit, conftantly wearing Hood and Surplice, and kneeling at the Sacrament. On his Death- ' Bed he eàrnettly defired Abfolution, according to 6 the Form of the Church ofEngland, and receiv'd it fromDr. Holland, whole Hand he afi"edtionately kifled, in Expreflion of the Joy he received thereby.' So that either Mr. Wood miftook his Charader, or Dr. Fuller was misinformed in his Account of him. Neal, p.78. Soon after died thefamous 1t/fr.Thama's Brightman; .Author of the Commentary upon the Song of Solomon, and the Revelations. His Life, fags Mr. Fuller, was Angelical', his Learning uncommon, [No mention of his uncommon Learning in the Place referred. to in Fuller.] His daily Dfcourfewas cTainfl~ Epifeopal Government, which he trophefed would /hardy be thrown down, and the Government of the foreign Proteflant Churches ereRed in its place. Fuller fays nothingof his Prophefying, thatforeign Proteflant' Churches would be ereaed in its place, and has the following Words in abatement of his Cha,, radert; ' The Title thereof conceiv'd too Infolent for any Creature to affix : ARevelation of the Re- velation ; except immediate Infpiration, which made the Lock, had given the Key unto it.' * Fuller's Church.Hiftory, Book x. p. 45. Cracáunttior+'s Defence, Q9'c. againft Spalato, t Fuller's Church=Hiftory, Book x. p. 49, 50. E Z And