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5o. .Mr.NEAL'S iPVol. `ofthe charged by the Ç;'ouncil of Conftance, they pleaded hir Mayefty's Royal Confirmation oftheir Difcipline, which was readpublickly in the Synod of both Iflands, in the Tear 1605. But this pious King had little Regard to Promifes, Oaths, and Charters, when they flood in the way of his arbitrary Defgns. This is boldly affirmed, thin' but ílenderi'y proved, and the Refle5ion in my Opinion would much bet- ter have become a profeft Republican, than the peaceable Denter, and Impartial Hiftorian. Neal, p. 77. .Mr. Robert Parker, a Puritan Mir arifter, publifhed this Tear (1 607,) a very learned Treat ofthe Crofs in Baptifm. Mr. Peirce likewife calls it á very learned Treatifeß but then he adds*, r It muff be own'd his Fancy ' was fomewhat odd, as to his manner of handling his Argument : But all muft allow, the Book had a good deal of Learning in it.' t The Title of Mr. Parker's Book : A Scholaflical Diiourfe againf Symbolizing with "Intichrif, in Ceremonies, efpecially in the Sign of the Crofs. Printed 1607, without a Printers Name, confiftingofnear 400 Pages clofely printed in Folio. A very fcarce Book, and if thefe ¿.liforians mean no more, by a Very Learned one, than its being ftuff'd with Authorities not at all to his purpofe, I will own it to be a very learned 2'reatife. But even allowing it to be fo in another Senfe, it muff certainly contain fomething very fcandalous andoffenfive , for Mr. Peirce informs us, that the Author was forced to fly his Country for writing and, that very learned 2'reat/e. Mr. Neal, p. 77. gives a Chara6ter of the famous Dr. 7ohn Raynolds, which he concludes in the follow= ing Words, p. 7'8. In fhort, fays the Oxford Hifto- rian, nothing can be fpoken againjt hill, but that he * Peirce's. Vindication of the Diffenters, p, 17o. Penes Me. Vindication ofthe Diffenters, p. 1'7d.