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.5 4. Mr. NrAL'S lid Vol. of the refers to, was firft printed 1588. from whence, and the Title of his Works * publifhed afterwards, it is plain, he was no Clergyman t, nor can I learn, that he ever was in' England in King yames's Reign, but once, and that immediately after the King's Ac- cefflon to the Throne, His Writing againft. Bucha- van, and in Defence ofMary Qiieen of Scots, might probably give Offence to fome that were tinEured with RepublicanPrinciples ; he was thePerfon who/ compiled the Epitaph upon Mary Queen of Scots, hung up at Peterborough, upon her Shrine p, and he died in the Year 1613. Neal, Ibid. The Parliament would have brought the jluthors to 7uflice, but the King proteSed them, b) proroguing the Lfoufes in Difpleafur,e. ** Rapin obferves, ' That the Parliament would ' haye fevcrely punifhed the Authors ofthefe Books, but the King interpofvd, and fruftrated the Parlia- c .meet's align, by iffuing outa Proclamation, for- bidding the reading of thefè Books, and ordering fuch as had any of them in their hands to deliver them to the Magiftrates. But Inch Proclamations are ufuallydifobey'd, efpecialïy when it wasnot the King's Intereft to fee them ftriFlly executed.' Neal, p. 82. The King f rmanoned both (Joules to Whitehall, and told them that he did not intend to govern by the abfolate Power of a King, tho' he knew the Power of Kings was like the Divine Power; for (lays his Ma:jell y) as God can create and dElroy, make, * The other Works printed afterwards wi: h this, atParis tire as follow; De vincula Religionis, & Imperii, Libri Tres. In Tfatmurn Davidis tinrluagefimuna, Meditatio. Scndarum pra- ,cotionnmprocemia. Varugeneris Pcemata. Martyrede Marie Stun t Rayne D'ESCOSSE, DOUAIRIERE de FRANCE Publick Library. Cambridge, F. io. zz. j Elogium Blacvodci, Au:ore Gabriele Naada:o. Vid. Op. Paris 1644. + Vid Op, p.4.68. f VNd. Elog. Rapin, p. 316.