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58 Mr. N E A LAS IF VOL of the Neal, Ibid. His Lordfhip might have added, 2bat he was Covetous, Palovate, Ill-natur'd, and a cruel Perfecutor of good Men. Dr. Fuller, a moderateMan, in his Church-Hifto- ry, gives a different Charadter Of him. * ' I find two Faults (lays he) charg'd on his Memory, ' Cruelty and Covetoufnef, Unepifcopal Qualities i feeing a Bifhop ought to be Godly and Hofpi- ', table ; to the firft, he confeft he was molt Riff and ftern to prefs Conformity : And what more ' ufual, than for Offenders to nick-name neceffary Severity to be Cruelty ? Now though he was amolt (tout Champion to aiTert Church-Difcipline ; let me pats this Story to Pofterity, from the Mouth `' of a Perfon therein concerted. An honeft and able Minifter privately protefted unto him, that it went againft his Confcience to conform, being then ready to be deprived : Which way, faith the Archbifhop, will you live, if put out ofyour Bene- ' fice ? The other anfweed, He had no way but to go a begging, and put himfelfon Divine Providence. Not that (faith the Archbifhop) you (hall not need to do, but come to me, and 1 will take Order fer your Maintenance. What Imprefl'ion this made upon the Minifter's Judgment, I am not able to determine. As for his Covetoufnefs, true it is, he mairttain'd not the State of Officers, like his Predeceffor, or Succeffor in FToufekeeping ; yet he was never ob -.. ferv'd in his own Perlon to aim at the enriching his Kindred, but had Intentions to make Pions` Ufes his Publick Heir ; bequeathing his Library, the Confluence of his own Collections, with his Predeceffors Whitgft's, Grindal's, Parker's, to. Chelfea College. And ifthat took no eff&, to. the Publick Library in Cambridge, where `they at IIidl.. Book x. p. S7. this