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Hif?or_y of thePuritans, exarin'a'. 59 this time remain. His clear Efate at his Death exceeded not fix Thoufänd Pounds, no Sum to fpeak a fingle Man covetous, who had fate fix Years in the See of Canterbury, and fomewhat longer in London.' Neal, Ibid. Some have reprefented him as inclined to Popery, becaufe he maintain'd feveral Seculaii Priefts in his Houfe ; but this was done (fay his Ad- vocates) to keep up the Controverfy between them and the 7efuits. Arthur Wilfon, no Advocate for Epifcopacy, confirms this, (with whom agrees Fuller.) ' About this time Richard Bancroft, Archbifhop of 'Can- ' terbury died ; a Perlon fevere enough, whofe Roughnefs gain'd little upon thole that defected ' the Ceremonies. One Work ofhis fhew',d his Spit tit, better than the ruggedeft Pen can depaint it: ' For it was he that firft brought the King to begin a New College by Chelfea ; wherein the choicefl and ableft Scholars in the Kingdom, and the molt pregnant Wits in points of Controverfies, were ' to be affociatect under a Provoft, with a fair and ample Allowance, not exceeding Three Thou- 4 fand Pounds a-year ; whofe Defign was to an- fwer all Papifh Books, or others, that vented their malignant Spirits againft the Proteflant Religion ; either the Herefìes of the Papi/ls, or the Errors of thole that ftrook at the Hierarchy: fo they fhould be two-edged Fellows, that would make old cutting and flafhing. And this he forward ed with all Induftry during his time, and there is a formal A t ofParliament (7 Regis) in being, 4 for the Eftabliînment of it.' Mr. Neal, in his Account of the Editions of the Geneva Bible, has made one Miftake ; in which, as he feems to refle& upon Queen Elizabeth, and ' Life of King James, p, f;, See Fuller's ChurchHiftory, Book x. p. so, 51, 57 Arch-