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66 Mr. N E A L 9S IJa Vol. of the gick Confeffion was brought into the Synod, cote taining Matter of Doarine and Difcipline, and the Publick Confent hereunto was required. Here the Bithop of Landaff, in the name of all the reft, approved all the Points of Doarine. But as for Matter of Difcipline,that his Mother-Church, and his own Order might not fuffer therein, and he feem by Silence to betray the Caufe there- ' of ; a* Prote/ was enter'd by him as Mouth of the reft, to preferve the fame. The Protefl follows in the next Page. Neal, p, 1 t 8. In the Summer of the Year 1617, King James made a Progrefs into Scotland, to advance the Epfcopat Caufe in that Country ; the Chappel of Edinburga was adorn'd after the manner of White- hall ; PiEtures being carriedfrom hence, with the Sta- rnes of the Twelve flpoflles, which werefet up in the Church. * Rapin tells us, ' That as loon as they began f to adorn the Chappel, the People of Edinburgh exclaim'd at the Sight, Paying, Images were be- , gun to be introduced, and the Mafs would quickly ' follow.' And Spòtfwood t adds, ' That the King in his 6 Anfwer to the Scotch Bifhöps, who entreated that thefe Images might not be put up for fear of Of- , fence ; anfwered, That forne of the Scots could ' not diftinguifh betwixt Pictures intended for Or- ' nament and Decoration, and Images ereaed for Worfhip and Adoration ; you°can endure Lyons, Dragons and Devils to be 6gur'd inyour Churches, but will not allow the like place to Patriarchs and Apoflles. However, his Majefty upon this Let- ' ter from the Bithops, gave order for flaying the ere&ing of thefe Portraits.' * Vol. IX. p. 399 } Hifàory, p. 53e. Neal,