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Hilioryofthe Puritans, examin'd. 65 When I bid you do Juffice boldly, yet. I bid you do it fearfully in this, to utter your own Conceits, and not the true Meaning of the Law: And remember you are no Makers of Law, but Interpreters of Law, according to the true Senfe thereof ; that you are fo far from making Law, that even in the higher Houle of Parliament, you have no Voice in making of a Law, but only to give your Advicewhen you are fo required. And though the Law be in many places ob- fcure, and not fo well known to theMultitude as ' to you, and that there are many Parts which cone not into ordinary Pra Tice, which are known to ' you ; becaufe you can find out the Reafon there- of by Books and Precedents : yet know this, that ' your Interpretations muff be always fubje6t tá ' . Common Senfe and Reafon. ' For I will never truff any Interpretation, that ' agreeth not with my Common Senfe and Rea- ' fon, and true Logick : For Ratio eft anima Legis in all Human Laws, without exception : it mufl not be Sophifíry or Strains of Wit, that muff in- ' terpret, but either clear Law or folid Reafons.' Neal, p. r 14. The Synod [of Dort] continued to the 29th of May ; in which time there were One Hundred and Eighty Seons. * Fuller fays, ' On the 29th of 4pril, the Sy,. ' nod ended.' Neal, Ibid. In the Hundred and Forty-fifth Sefon, and 30th of April, the Belgick Confdion of Faith was debated, and put to the Queflion ; which the End lilh Divines agreed to, except the Article., relating to the Parity of Minifters and Ecclefaaftical Difèipline, t Fuller tells us, That before the end of thé Hun- dred and Forty-fifth Seffion, April loth, the Bel- * Church-Hits. Book so p. Sz Fuller, p. Si. s gick