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IBA?, of the Puritans, examin'd. 6g s the King, and Difparagement of his Government, ' and was committed to the Tower ; the Earl of ' Southampton was alfo committed to the Dean of Weflminfer.' Neal, Ibid. The Ding havingparted with his Par- liament, was at liberty to gratify the Spaniard, by indulging the Papifts ; for this purpofe the Lord- Keeper Williams, by his Majefty's Command, writ to all the fuages, that in theirfeveral Circuits, they dif- charge ¿ll T rifoners for Church Recufancy, &c. Ac- cordingly all the Jefuits, and Popifh Reculants of all forts were enlarged, to the Number (fays Mr. Prynn) offour Thoufand. Mr. Prynn's Account is contradihed by Fuller * ; ' 7o. Gee (lays he) who undertakes to give us a, ' perfe&Lift of all the f efuits in England, cannot mount their Number higher than 225. To which, ' if -fuch whom he Bete is for Popifh Phyficians, ' with all thofe whom he accufes for PopifhBooks,be ' caft in, they will not make up the Tythe of ' 4000.' Neal, p. x36. But to diftrefs the Puritans more effectually, the KingPent thefollowing Direcîions to the Arcbbifhop, to be communicated to all the Clergy of his Province, dated at Windfor, Auguft io. 1622. " i. That no Preacherunder a Bop or a Dean, fhall make a ft Difcourfe, orfall into any Common- " Place ofDivinity, in his Sermons, not comprehend- " ed in the Thirty-Nine Articles." ' t Or force of the Homilies of the Church of England.' Omitted by Neal. Neal, Ibid. z. " That no Parfon, Vicar, Curate " or Lel-turer, foall preach any Sermon hereafter, on " Sundays and Holidays in the Afternoon, but ex- " pound the Catechsfm, Creed and Ten Command- " ments." * Church-Hiflory, Book x. p. tot. t Wiòn, p. 199. Fuller, Book x, p, 109. i 3 The