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79 Mr. N E A A II`' Vol. of the The Words as follow ; ' That no Perron, &c. (hall preach any Sermon or Collation here- after upon Sundays and Holidays in theAfternoon, but upon forne part of the Catechifm, or force Text takenout of theCreed,Ten Commandments, or the Lord's-Prayer, (Funeral-Sermons only ex- cepted.') Neal, p. 141. King Jamesfwore to the Obfervq- lion of thefe Articles [of the intended Spanifh Match in the Prefence of the two Spaniíh 4nabaffadors, an (wentyfour Privy - Counfellors, who fet their Hands to the Treaty. In allowing thefe Articles (lays Rufhworth) I the King thus exprefs'd himfelf ; " Seeing this " Marriage is to be with a Lady of a different Re -. çc ligion from us ; it becometh us to be tender, as " on the one part to give them all $atisfaE ion con- ,' venient ; fo on the other, to adtpit nothing that s may blerniíh our Confcience, or detraél from the " Religion here eflabliíh'd." Neal, p. i 43. He [the Prince] was ffrongly fo- licited to change his Religion by foire of the firfl Qua- ity, and by the náofl learned Priefls and efuits, who canefs'd his Highnefs with. Speeches, dedicated Books to bim, invited him to their Procefons, &c. By which 4rtifaces though he was not converted, he was con- f-trm'd in his Refolution of attempting á Coalition of the two Churches, for the accomplifhing of which he 10 koth his.Life andCrown. I can't but think that Rufhworth is a fairer Ad- Verfary to King Charles than our learned Hiftorian, who tells us, ` That the Prince remain,d fled- " fáft in his Religion,' neither did he exprefs 'any fhew of Change.' And Franklànd adds, jl That * waft'', Ibid. Fuller, Ibid. Frankland's Annals, P. 70. f Rúfhworth, Vol. I. p: 4. ad Edit: Rufhworth, VOL I. p. &3. Frankland's Annal , p. 7S. there