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y4 Publifh'r, TH E Spirit of Infidelity dete&ed: in Anfwer to á fcanda, Mous Pamphlet, intituled, The Spirit ofEcclefiafticks of all Sects and Ages, as to theDo&rines of Morality ; and more parti- cularly the Spirit of the ancient Fathers of the Church, examin'd: By Moní: I3arbeyrac. In which the Fathers are Vindicated; the grofs Fa`fhoods of that Writer expofed, and his innumerable In-: confinences aswelí as thole of the Independent Whig, his Infidel Prefacer, are fully laid open: By Zachary Grey, LL. D. Re&or of Houghton-Conquefl in BedfordAhire. The Second Edition, Cor- re&ed and Enlarg'd; to which is added, a,Preface, in Anfwer to Monf. Barbeyrac's Short Inve&ive againft Dr.Waterland, Prefix'd to his lait French Edition.of Puffendorfde Officio Hominis & Civis. Printed for R. Gaffing, y Clarke, and W. Thurlbourne. BOOKS Printed for R. GOSLING. I.AVindication of the Gotpel of St. Matthew, againft a Iate Trait; entituled; A affertation or Inquiry concerning the L ,nonicai Authority of the Gofpel according to Matthew. Price i s. 6J. And aifo, II. A Supplement to the Vindication,. Prie t s. III. A Reply to the Defence oft Differta`ion:or, Inc,IJiry coR- cernii7g the G'ofpel according to St. Matthew. Price r s. 6d. IV. A fecond Vindication of the Gofpel of Sr. Matthew: jn Anfwer to the fecond Defence of the DifTertation or Inquiry cone cerning St. Matthew's Go riel. Price I s. V.- A Critical Examination of the late New Text and Verfion of the NewTeftamenc in Greek and Englifh; where the Editor's corrupt Text, falfe -Verftern; and fallaciotes Notes are..dete&ed and:,eeníúred; his Cavils againft the Canon of the New Tena- nient are refuted; the Blunders and Iniquities of his various Readings are expofed ; and Juitiee in particular is done to the famous Text of John v. y. againit his partial Reprefentation of that Matter. To which is addled, A Defence of the Divine. Authority cf the Book-of Revelations, againft the Editor of the New Teilament; and the Author of the Difcourfe Hiftorical and Ciiticäl on the Revelation afcribed to St..'ohn;. wherein parti- cularly the CharaE'ters of many eminent Fathers are vindicated at;línft the Calumnies of the Writers.. aforementioned. In Three Parts. Price as. ea-h. All by the Reverend Mr. Twells. VI. T-ht Hiflorp of Infant Baptifm. In Two Parts: The Fir ft, containing all fuch Patï'ages in the Writers of the four firtt Centuries, as do make for or againft it. The Second, contain- ing fevers! Things that do help to illuftrate the Paid Hifory. By W. Wall, Vicar of Shoreham in Kent. Third Edit. Price to s.. VII. Dr. Lucas's Enquiry after Happinefs. In Three Parts. Price rór. VIII. l'raEtical Chrillianity: or, An Account of the Holinefs which the Gofpel enjoins, with the Motives to it, and the Re medies it propoi'es againft Temptations: With a Prayer con- cluding each diflin& Head. To which are added, Chrifiat Thoughts for every Day of the Month : Wherein is reprefented the Nature ofunfeignedRepentance, and ofperfe& Love towards God. By R. Lucas, D, D. The Sixth Edition. 'Price q.s,