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An Impartial EXAMINATION OF THE SECOND VOLUME O F Mr. DANIEL NEA LAS Hi Tory of the Puritans. IN W H I C H The REFLECTIONS of that Author, upon King DAMES I. and King CHARLES I. are proved to be groundiefs : His Miireprefentations of the Condu& ofthePRELATES of thofe Times, fully deleted : And his Numerous Miftakes in HISTORY, and Unfair Way of quoting his AUTHORITIES, expofed to Publick View. By ZACYIAR.Y' GREY, LL.D. Rec`tor ofHoughton-Conqu fl in Bedfordfhire. With an APPENDIX, in Anfwer to two Common, but UnreafonableComplaints of the Difenters againíl the Eltabliih'd Church. I. That in 166z, They were obliged to fubfcribe to the Review of the Liturgy, before they could fee it. II. That in King 7AME S IÏ's Time, their Aíliílance in writing againíl the Papifis, was abfolutely refufed by the Licenfers of the Prefs. TosüT@- úv uat 1.;urjF4cpEÚf , E7tiV zuvyçiccç vj e;dflSrt'ta t)s 6 xce!uxós ¢aor, . ' cs otir, wrá, 7á1v ?Xyipwv d GKÿ.av. Lvo,uc;wv. Lucian. 0,1omodo Hiiloria fcribenda fit, Edit.. Bourdelotii, Parif. 1615. ,. Fallitúr egregio quifuisfub7ririepr Servitium: _ nufqua9n Libertas grdtsor extat, uam fish Rlge`fiió Claudian. LONDON: Printed for R. GosLItvc, at the Mitre and Crown, over a- gainit Fetter-Lane End, in Fleetfreet; J. CLARKE, at the Bible, under the Royal Exchange; and W. TnuKLaou&NE, a.t Cantb idge. M. D. C. C. XXXVI,