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76 Mr. N E A ID'S llá VOL of the Neal, Ibid. Hefurrendredup the cautionary Towns to the Dutch, for lets than the fourth Part of the Value. ** He deliver'd them up for the Money, lent upon them byQueenElizabeth. Neal, Ibid. He broke thro' all the Laws of the Land, and was as abfolute a Tyrant as his want of Courage would admit. This is anfwer'd by Dr. Fuller, who fays tt, That he was moil Merciful to Offenders, no one PerfonofHonour, without parallel fnce the Con- ' queft, being put to death in his Reign.' Neal, Ibid. He was fatter'd by hungry Courtiers, as theSolomon and the Phoenix ofthe Age ; he was, in the Opinion of Bop Burnet, a Pedant, without true Judgment, Courage, or Steadinefs, his Reign be- ing a continued Courfe of mean PraJices. Bilbop Hall, whom our Hiftorian (p. 402.) calls the good Bifhop, fays*, ' That he was the learnedeft King that ever fat upon the Throne, or, as he verily thinks, fnce Solomon'sTime, ofany other.' And Frankland calls him t, ' A learned, juft, and wife Prince.' Neal, Ibid. '?'is hard to make any Judgment of his Religion, forone whilehe was a Puritan, and then a zealous Churchman, andat laß a half, ifnot a do7ri, nal Papift. As to his being once a Puritan, I think I have already fully difproved Mr. Neal's Afí'ertion, from the King's .own Works ; to which I may add the Authority of Mr. Robert Johnfton II, a Scotch Hiflo- ** Bifhop Burnet's Hiítory of his Own Time, Vol. L p. If. ¡t ChurchHiftory, Book x. p. i 14. Archbifbop Laud fays ofhim, (Rufhwortl4, Vol. I. p. 156.) That in all the time of his Reign in England, he took away the Life of no one Noble- man, but reftored many.' * Bifhop Hall's Humble Remonftrance, p. Iq.. t Annals, p. lay. JohnfloniRer.. ritunnicitr.Hittor, p. 88, 95. sSo. 216. 218. 229. z3o. 282,