Grey - BX9329 G7 1736

Hi!ory of thePuritans, examin'cd. 7 ß been founded a fair Collegiate Church ; but at the Diffolution of the Abbeys, the Lands were feized ' by the Crown, and no tolerable Remainder left ' for the Parifh- Prieft. There was little need of ' the Queen's Intereft in foliciting on the Petitioners Behalf ; for the King was always difpofedfor the Benefit ofLearning and Religion. In íhort, his Bounty was confiderably large on this Occafion; for he'founded a Dean and Chapter of (even Pre- ' bendaries: and fettled two hundred and forty-fevers PoundsperAnn. ofCrown -Lands for their Mainte- nance.' Had this King beenaFavouriteofour Hiftorian's ; had he, inftead of this Benefaetion to the Churchof Rippen, beftowed the likeSum upon the Diffenters, touphold their Separation ; I leave it to theWorld to judge, how high the Encomium, how large the Panegyric would have been upon fuch an Occafion ; and whether Mr. Neal would have charged him with the want of Greatnefs ofTemper, and Genera- lity. o which we may add Dr. Fuller's Chara&er of him*; ' That he was molt Bountiful to all, efpe- cially to Scholars, noKing ofEngland ever doing more to preferve theRevenues of the Englifh Hier- ' archy : In a word, that he left his own Coffers empty, but his SubjeEts Chefts full ; the Land being never more wealthy, it being then more eafy to get, than fince to fave an Eftate. And Arthur I4/ilfon's t, who tells us, ' That the King was a goodMatter, and did by hisBounty indear ' his Servants to him, and feldom denied any Man a reafonable Suit.' And Archbifhop Laud adds it, That he was Bountiful to the higheft pitch of a ' King.' * Fuller's Church-Hiítory, P. 114. Wiljon's Hiftory, p. =79. Ro+jhwársh, Yol. I. p. 356.