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78 Mr. Nr 's II Vol, of the gone, mull comfort ourfelves with the Remem- brance of thofe Excellencies, and reckon it not ' the leafl part of our Happinefs to have lived iri his days. Many doleful Epitaphs in all Lan- , guages were compofed to exprefs the Sorrowcon- ' ceiv'd by his Death.' To which we might add an infinite number of Authorities in difproof of Mr. Neal's Character of King games the Firft, in every Inftance. But thefe I think (with the Addi- tional ones referr'd to in the* Margin) are fufficient to Phew, that Mr. Neal has hitherto given but (lender Proofs (ifany) ofhis being a fair, candid, and im- partial Hiftoriani CHAP. IL FRO M the Conclufion of King 7ames's Cha- rader, (which I cannot but think, he has very much mifreprefented) Mr. Neal proceeds to the Reign ofKing Charles the Firft; and the Reader I fear will be very much balked, if he experts more Candour and Impartiality during this Period, than in the former. The Biafs feems to me to run fo ftrong in favour of the Enemies to the then Conftitution, both in Church and State, that a Man muff be endued with a more than ordinary Degree of Charity, if he looks only for common Juftice, to the Memory of the Royal Martyr, and thofe who favour'd and adhered tohis Caufe ; and ufed their beft endeavours towards the Support of Monarchy and Epijeopacy. * Rufhwerth, Vol. I. pars, to t6t, inclufive. 13p.Hacket'i Life of Archbi(hop Williams, p. z14.. 7ohnflonä Hiiio'r. Rer. Britannicar. Lib. xx. p. 659, 66e.